Mick Tagger – Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

No more context-switching. Add, queue, save songs and open playlists using just the keyboard.
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Praise for Mick Tagger


If you work with playlists a lot and enjoy using keyboard shortcuts, Mick Tagger is a great addition to the Spotify desktop app. There is hardly a faster way to manage playlists and favorites in Spotify.

Translated from original German
Dr. Yusef Smith

This app looks cool for speed-focused lovers of spotify. Alfred-style commands to quick-add to a playlist

David from PlaylistSubs

This app is so awesome! So handy, for playlist curators as well as for listeners! You can easily add songs to your playlists, auto-like, auto-remove and much more!

Why keyboard shortcuts for Spotify?

Doing anything in Spotify is a mouse intensive activity. To like a song, save to playlist etc. you have to click around the Spotify app, a lot.

With Mick Tagger you can use these keyboard shortcuts to get the same job done way faster:

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