Auto Like (coming in v1.4)

One hassle you'll never have to worry about again.

Liking songs improves the Spotify recommendation algorithm. So you should be liking more songs to get better recommendations.

What's that you say? Liking a song means context switching from whatever you were doing, going into Spotify, finding the heart icon, and clicking it? It's a complicated process?

Yes, we agree! It's a bit too complicated for our taste too. That's why we're building auto-like. Coming soon, in version 1.4

The premise for auto-like is simple: When you play a song multiple times all the way through, it probably means you like the song. So why isn't that automatic?

Mick Tagger makes it automatic. So while you enjoy the music, let Mick Tagger take care of the liking. You can customize the number of listens after which Mick Tagger auto likes a song.

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