Auto Remove – Easy Playlist Cleanup

Mick Tagger will automatically keep your playlists fresh by removing songs you skip often.

Mick Tagger gives you new powers. Before you know it, you’ll be adding songs left and right. However, some of those adds will be mistakes. Yikes! The songs will be added to a playlist, but will forever be skipped. It happens. And it can be a hassle to track them down and remove them.

With Auto Remove enabled, Mick Tagger will keep your playlists fresh. The app will figure out which songs you skip often and which you play all the way through. After you’ve skipped a song enough times, the app will remove it from the playlist.

In a bit of a skipping mood today? No song quite fits the mark, but you don't want the app to auto-remove them all? No worries. You can enable and disable this feature when you want. You can also customize the number of listens and percentages after which the song gets removed from its playlist.

That way you can enjoy your playlists more with every listen!

Coming soon, you'll also have custom auto remove settings per playlist.

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